Dark electro band XMH was founded in 2005 by singer/songwriter Benjamin Samson, later to be joined by Pieter Sperling (keyboards) and Isa Garcia (vocals/keyboards). The name XMH comes from the word Xenomorph (used in the movie Aliens).

XMH released their debut ep cd ‘LIFE’ in 2005 which managed to stay in the Dutch Underground Charts (DUC) for more than 6 months! In 2005 and 2006 XMH build up a strong fan following by playing in clubs and festivals all over Holland and Belgium.

In Summer 2007 XMH released their debut album ‘TIME TO PLAY’ which got very good response from press, fans, bands and DJ’s. The reached nr. 2 and the song ‘Rape Your God V.2’ went to nr.1 in the DUC. Many tracks from ‘Time To Play’ are also featured on several compilation cd’s.

The energetic live shows have been received very well by audience and media. XMH already played at festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen, Summer Darkness, Gothic Festival, Terra Gotha. XMH has a take no prisoners, in-your-face attitude with main-focus singer Benjamin Samson, who takes control of the stage and is viciously shouting like rabid dog on steroids.

In short time XMH have worked themselves up to become one of hottest live acts from Holland. XMH have already toured in Holland, Germany, England, Spain and Belgium with bands such as Covenant, Combichrist, Funker Vogt, Clan Of Xymox, Blutengel, DAF, The Birthday Massacre, The Crüxshadows and many others showing them that XMH can easily compete with the major league.

In 2009 XMH released a DJ-Only Promo called the Led Manville Remixes and went to nr. 2 in the DUC. In that same year readers of Sonic Seducer Magazine voted XMH to the 3rd position of the Battle Of The Bands Competition.

XMH released their new cd ‘STATE OF MIND’ in May 2010 on Danse Macabre Records (Europe) and Nilaihah Records (USA) and went to nr. 1 in the Vampire Freaks EBM Charts and nr 1 in the Reverb Nation Charts, the song ‘Komasaufen’ went to nr. 3 in the DAC. The new XMH cd got very good reviews and XMH was featured in many major music magazines resulting in XMH playing at the major european clubs and festivals.

XMH are back with a bang and ready to grab you by the throat!